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New year’s resolutions

The year is coming to an end. The perfect time to reflect on some of my pictures. A lot of memories came back when I scrolled through thousands of pictures; some good, some bad. This year I gave myself some new year’s resolutions; ranging from seeing specific species of animals, to a couple of photographical challenges. Those challenges were centered around a more broad approach to nature photography.

I wanted to apply that approach in two different ways; by shooting more landscapes and nature close-ups, and by photographing wildlife in context. By focusing on their surroundings, I learned a lot about the beautiful nature world in which these creatures live

Frozen reed

The wild surroundings of the Scottish Highlands gave me some great moments to try out these new approaches to landscape and wildlife photography.

Suilven & Loch Borrolan
Harbour porpoise
Cùl Mòr & Loch Borralan

New year’s resolutions usually don’t last, but these did. I’m happy I’ve set myself some photographic goals and challenges for 2018. Not every attempt at it was a success of course; a large portion of those shots will never see the light of day. But that’s part of the learning curve, and I think it was worth it. I would not have taken most of these shots if I stayed within my photographic comfort zone. Now I guess it’s time to start thinking about new challenges for 2019.

Next week I will publish an extended recap of 2018, with some of the most memorable encounters with wildlife, and the lessons I learned from those moments.