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Next year I am doing a big local photography project. As part of the preparation, I have been scouting a lot of different locations lately, spending quite some time strolling and cycling, searching for birds. Doing these scouting rounds turns out to be very informative. It is also a good excuse to go out birding almost every day! Turns out, there is more than enough to see and photograph. Consider this a sneak peek of the 2019 project…

A male kestrel sits in the morning sun, searching for prey in the polder grass.

Time for a good stretch! Large groups of wigeons are migration from the north, spending the winter here in the polder. Most birds are still in eclipse plumage. The drakes will get their distinctive orange cap in a couple of weeks.

This wood mouse is diligently collecting food for the winter. They stock up for the winter season, gathering large amounts of food in a small underground chamber.

Curious about this project? More information coming soon here and on my Instagram!